Monday, November 17, 2008


On the Road (Hommage à Claude Monet)


Century of the two Johns—
Cage and Ashbery—for whom
Being interrupt’d is a centrality,
Means and preference. I am
A little distract’d just now.
Syntactical control abeyance system regrets.
Emily Dickinson call’d the sun
A “yellow Whip” and fear’d
A silent man. Numb is
What one’s become—denatured by
Continual broach interruptings spiling off
The continuum, its pleats and
Privies, its roil and rupture.
So that: the daily rife
Ongoingness turns precise and plosive,
Point-by-pointedly vague, particulate
And fluvial, the sun’s whip
Knot’d up, and the knots
Undoable—not by sun nor
Sluice nor any of light’s
Rump confederacy of lights, that
Snap combinazioni di note unstrewn.
Unfetter’d. Uncheck’d. Unassailable. Unallay’d. Uncapped. Unblemish’d. Unvouch’d. Unfinger’d. Unattain’d. Unbuck’d. Unamend’d. Unwarrant’d. Unbundled. Unfold’d. Unberth’d. Un-angel’d. Unembroil’d. Unconciliatory. Unfoul’d. Unbled. Unbow’d. Uneligible. Unbreaking. Unweigh’d. Uncash’d. Unveil’d. Unreviled. Undung’d. Unbedung’d. Unceasing. Undismay’d. Unchain’d. Undividedly. Uneasy. Unequal. Uneradicable. Unfailing. Unfeignedly. Untameably. Unweary’d. Unanchor’d. Uncaught. Unversed. Unvouch’d. Unanswer’d. Unbent. Unfurl’d. Underhung. Unalloy’d. Uncomely. Untenable. Untattoo’d. Unannex’d. Unencyst’d. Unbanner’d. Undeplored. Undecidable. Unavenged. Unflesh’d. Unappellable. Undeliver’d. Uncollect’d. Unappendaged. Unforlorn. Unwalk’d. Unassured. Unparallel’d. Uncivil. Unbenight’d. Unapplaud’d. Unfiled. Undoctor’d. Unapprehend’d. Undamp’d. Unelapsed. Unattend’d. Under-goad’d. Undress’d. Unflappable. Uncommercial. Uncompass’d. Unfox’d. Unexamined. Unexceeded. Unconvincing. Unenviably. Unending. Unbagged. Unhamper’d. Unletter’d. Unclean. Unmock’d. Unimplored. Undauntedly. Unabating. Unbound. Unerring. Unprank’d. Unhesitatingly. Uncouth. Unbalanced. Ungodly. Unavail’d. Unchid. Underided. Unhasp’d. Underslung. Unblock’d. Unleash’d. Unlatch’d. Uncut. Unburnt. Unkeel’d. Unmesh’d. Unhallow’d. Ungarbled. Undenuded. Undeleted. Unloosed. Undesiring. Unmarketable. Uncinctured. Undies. Unheed’d. Unclimb’d. Unimpeachably. Unjadedly. Undimmed. Undefeat’d. Ungloss’d. Undisjoin’d. Unbloody’d. Unink’d. Unapproachable. Undinting. Unwilling. Unarm’d. Unlimber’d. Unattired. Unmisinterpretable. Uncontain’d. Unmaggled. Undecay’d. Unhack’d. Unkempt. Uncomprehending. Unrehearsed. Unwrit. Unintermittently. Unknotted. Unhinged. Unlikeable. Unprincipled. Unarray’d. Unh-unh. Unblack’d. Unmodern. Unyoked. Unwielding. Unmemorably. Uncloth’d. Unbark’d. Ungall’d. Unmanned. Unleaf’d. Unbrick’d. Unmediated. Undignify’d. Unwinnow’d. Unreckon’d. Uncurb’d. Unplumb’d. Unnatural. Uncover’d. Unharness’d. Unreasonably. Uncanny. Undelineated. Unmaintain’d. Unsheaf’d. Unpath’d. Unspeakably. Unbesieged. Unplugged. Unprepossessing. Ungovernably. Unscore’d. Unwritten. Unignited. Unplotted. Unmeaning. Unpack’d. Untaint’d. Unorderly. Unjaunty. Unrotted. Ungraspable. Ungrounded. Unascend’d. Unspot’d. Unlist’d. Unascertain’d. Unavoidable. Unaware. Unbath’d. Untooth’d. Unclog’d. Unransack’d. Uncraft’d. Ungirdled. Unnamed. Unpeel’d. Untill’d. Unpardonable. Unzipped. Unrunkled. Unswerving. Unhymn’d. Uncrowd’d. Unbecloud’d. Unsighing. Unbecoming. Unyielding. Unvacillating. Unworkable. Unmoist. Unrigged. Unbeknownst. Unpiteously. Unsalvable. Uncultured. Unobligingly. Unbelieving. Unbemoan’d. Unrein’d. Unconditional. Unconcluded. Unseemly. Unsully’d. Unsoap’d. Unprintably. Unrhythmic. Uncontrollably. Unnerving. Unmovable. Unrepentant. Uncaged. Unbolt’d. Unstooping. Ungentle. Unbottled. Uncircumspect. Unpent. Unquench’d. Unpretendingly. Untoward. Untruss’d. Unperspiring. Unconnect’d. Unfussy. Unschool’d. Unget-at-able. Unmoor’d. Unthinkable. Unutterably. Unrelenting. Unperturbed. Un-pin-downable. Unpucker’d. Unplat’d. Unrevengingly. Unstuck. Unstable.

As James Wright noted—reviewing in immediate “unforgiving” hindsight what one suspicions a not dissimilar bout (though somewhat more “genteel” despite the Midas-touch’d horse turds): “I have wasted my life.”

Claude Monet, “Impression, soleil levant,” 1872
“Landscape is nothing but an impression, and an instantaneous one . . .”