Saturday, May 27, 2006

“Filthy Wordes”

Question Hook

Another piece out of Amelia Rosselli’s “October Elizabethans”:
Alle I had Thought, in alle my Life, I now Descant;
to be Rid of such Incongruous Decay, as is a Minde,
o’er Filled with Matter. Small Thoughts do I Put
in Note Bookes; Great ones, in Whining Poesy. Yet
I’m not Content; my Minde will not Stop
Out pouring its Stench; it must Continue
Writin ’pon the Lind page, its Abominations.
O that my soul were Empty, clear as Paper, and as True
as that Stampe which does Pronounce its Final mark
upon my Workes! Alle the Dirte in the Worlde be much Fainter
a Load, than That which my Mind Drags; and Vomits;
Profiousely & Continuously; to such Extent
that never does It let me Skip into the Great, White Worlde,
save it keep me chanting & Grinding, and mixing & Turning,
these Filthy Wordes.